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This is Sarah’s Story: 

Sarah is a very active, bright, confident, and always smiling 10 year old girl. She enjoys hiking, cheerleading, girl guides, and helping with the alter service at her church. What someone may not know is that Sarah has lower limb Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy, is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis), and/or other physical challenges caused at birth. This means that children, like Sarah, may face the obstacle of not being able to walk. For Sarah, this meant starting at George Jeffrey Children’s Centre when she was one and a half years old.

The Centre has been a big part of Sarah’s life growing up. The family has relied heavily on the services available, as well as the trusted expertise of the staff and clinicians. “The professionals at George Jeffrey do so much,” shared Sarah’s parents, Karen and Russ. Sarah has truly benefited from the one-on-one care at the Centre, the recreational opportunities, and the pool. The staff have worked diligently to make things fun and exciting for Sarah, but have also worked to include the family through a holistic approach.

Today, Sarah is able to walk, thanks to the services received at George Jeffrey Children’s Centre. 

When you ask Sarah’s family what they would have done without George Jeffrey Children’s Centre, they answer that they don’t know. The family feels incredibly lucky to have had access to services that improved the quality of life for Sarah. If it weren’t for the Centre, they would have had to manage frequent travel to other cities such as Minneapolis, Winnipeg, or Toronto for care. The costs for which would have been overwhelming. Additionally, they realize that the care would not have been as constant, meaning Sarah might not be where she is today.

 The Centre, has acted as so much more than a facility with services. The staff have supported the family through each step of the journey. Beyond the technical aspects of the Centre, the clinicians helped the family navigate the system of care available for Sarah beyond George Jeffrey Children’s Centre. Clinicians have joined the family on Sarah’s appointments with other service providers to ensure all key details are covered; even stepping up to communicate with teams from a Minneapolis children’s treatment hospital regarding specialized consultation to ensure Sarah received the best care. It’s a level of care that the family is most grateful for and has helped them to live their lives, as a family, to their fullest potential.

If you look at Sarah today, she is confident and smiling thanks to the care she received from George Jeffrey.


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