5 New Year Resolutions » 2019-Jan-03

A new year brings new resolutions. As a Foundation, it is always our goal to do our best work - doing our part to give children and youth with special needs the opportunity to reach their best potential. 

But who says we can't set a few extra goals?!

This year we have created 5 resolutions:

1. Connect MORE people from our community with our charity and see the REAL impact they have;

2. Bring YOU (our friends, supporters, donors, partners, and community) more updates of all the exciting things we are achieving together with George Jeffrey Children's Centre;

3. Think GREATER ?? than ever before;

4. Challenge the status quo - with greater thinking brings new ideas and strategies????;

5. Go back to our vision again and again - because that's why we are here! ??

We are very excited for what this year will bring. We can't wait to keep you posted on how everything goes!  


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