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You Continue to Make An Impact!

This year, we have been able to fund some incredible programs/projects thanks to AMAZING donors like YOU!

To learn how you can give back and invest in children's lives in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, CLICK HERE! There is more than one way and we want to find the BEST method for you.

Let us show you what you've accomplished: 

Auto Calibrator, for Seating and Mobility

Our Foundation was excited to be able to assist in bringing in an auto calibrator for the Seating and Mobility program at the Centre, thanks to donor generosity.

"Pressure mapping assessments for wheelchair users allows clinicians to observe information about the client sitting on a particular surface in real time. With this tool, clinicians can educate clients and their caregivers, make more informed decisions about what type of cushion to recommend for a client, etc.," shared Occupational Therapist, Vishalla Pazdzior.

With the addition of the auto calibrator, the pressure mapping system can be calibrated right here at the Centre, which will ensure that this valuable device is accurate and always available to use with clients.

Food Cupboard Program

George Jeffrey is now offering a food cupboard program for clients and families in need. Thanks to a leadership donation of $10,000 from the Air Canada Foundation, the food cupboard will be available for a minimum of 3 years.

This program is proud to offer food bags for families and a variety of snacks for clients visiting the Centre. George Jeffrey’s clinicians have found that some families have days where they face the difficult choice of visiting the food bank or attending appointments at the Centre. We’re proud to be a place where families can have both needs met. 

Mobile Assessment Kit, for the Augmentative and Alternative Communication program

 In late 2017, we were fortunate to receive a grant from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation to support the purchase of a mobile assessment kit for augmentative communication care. This kit is being used and shipped throughout the region – in an effort to expand access to care.  

The mobile assessment kit is enabling our clinicians to conduct MORE assessments remotely using secure connection portals. The kit features a Surface Pro 4, laptop, iPad, voice output communication device, computer mouse emulators, special mounts, and sensory switches.

Assessments through a dedicated clinic are mandatory in order for those in need to receive government funding for their assistive devices. This grant is enabling more people across the region to be connected with assistive devices that are IMPROVING their lives! 

 Physiotherapy Bicycles for Children

 Every child deserves the care free experience of riding a bicycle. 

That’s why we were so excited when our physiotherapy department received TWO physiotherapy bicycles!! All thanks to the funding and support of our donors!! The bicycles are designed so that a child can experience riding a bicycle, while still having a caregiver control the bicycle.

 The bicycles are equipped with special seating, seatbelts, adjustable handle bars for the rider, a second set of handle bars for the caregiver, and three durable wheels for balance.

 We are so excited that this will be another channel to enriching children’s lives! 

Facility Enhancements for Increased Accessibility

 You may think, “George Jeffrey is already accessible?” this is TRUE. But this year we’ve made some awesome facility enhancements at our centre that YOU HELPED FUND! 

 We are constantly working towards being the BEST we can be for each person that walks through our doors. Recently, we have been able to complete some enhancements including:

  • a camera so we can keep an safe eye on our waiting room
  • making doors to washrooms and group rooms easier to use
  • installing more emergency buttons

 We know you deserve the best, and we want to be the best. THANK YOU for continuing to support us! Our centre is proud to have served 1,799 clients last year!

Transportation Program (Pilot Phase)

 Many people say Thunder Bay is a driving town, but what about those people who DON’T drive?

 Our Centre identified this as a potential barrier for families trying to get to the Centre for appointments. Whether it be those who don’t drive or those who can’t easily afford the cost of doing so. In an effort to expand access to care, we were excited to launch a transportation program this year aimed at helping clients and families get to the centre easier.

 Families will now have access to bus tickets and taxi services through George Jeffrey. This means they can get their children and/or other family members to the Centre for appointments and not have to worry how to get there.

 The project is off to an encouraging start! As the centre continues to monitor it we are seeing the passes are being used, making things  a little easier for the families that need it.

Like what you see?

You can help us continue to impact lives! Visit: to find out how to give back. 



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